In April 2023, Marigold Infrastructure Partners began Valley Line West LRT construction on Stony Plain Road between 131 and 139 Street. This transformative infrastructure project aims to connect Edmonton’s communities and improve public transportation. However, as with any significant construction endeavor, there have been challenges along the way.

When Marigold initially closed the stretch of Stony Plain Road, we shared that the road re-open by the beginning of November. However, due to several reasons, we will now be opening Stony Plain Road by the end of November.

We are committed to being good neighbours and want to provide Edmontonians with an update on the progress of the construction, explain the reasons behind the delay in reopening a stretch of Stony Plain Road, and outline what residents and commuters can expect in the coming months.

Unanticipated Activities

One of the key factors contributing to the delay in reopening Stony Plain Road between 131 Street and 139 Street is the discovery of unanticipated infrastructure during construction. Early in the season, Marigold’s teams uncovered existing infrastructure that did not meet the necessary standards. To ensure long-term durability and prevent future repairs by third-party utility agents, this infrastructure needed to be upgraded.      Additionally, the removal of the existing infrastructure turned out to be a more extensive task than initially anticipated. These unforeseen challenges required careful planning and adjustments to the construction timeline.

Resourcing Challenges

Resource limitations have been another hurdle in the construction process. Marigold Infrastructure Partners, like many other companies in Edmonton, faced challenges sourcing skilled labour While efforts were made to expedite the work by bringing in extra resources, the skilled labour shortage affected not only Marigold but other contractors as well. This shared struggle highlighted the demand for skilled workers in the construction industry, a challenge that the entire community is still grappling with.

Weather Delays

Weather conditions are always a factor to consider in construction projects, but the year 2023 presented particularly challenging weather patterns. Unusually wet conditions made it difficult for large vehicles to access the construction site. These vehicles are crucial for tasks related to both dry utilities and concrete work, which must be completed before roadworks can commence. The unexpected weather delays added to the complexity of the project timeline.

What to Expect

Despite these challenges, Marigold Infrastructure Partners remains committed to completing the Valley Line West LRT construction. Here is what residents and commuters can expect in the coming months:

  • Completion of Permanent Works: Marigold crews are working diligently to finish most of the permanent works by the end of the season. In areas where permanent works cannot be completed in time, temporary asphalt will be used to open the road to motorists over the winter season.
  • Short-Term Lane Restrictions: Next season, there will be short-term lane restrictions in areas with temporary asphalt as crews work to complete the remaining permanent works.
  • Reduced Lanes: Stony Plain Road will be permanently reduced to a single lane in either direction as per the final LRT design configuration.
  • Intersection Reopening: The intersection of 134 Street and Stony Plain Road is expected to reopen in early October, with the intersection of 132 Street and Stony Plain Road reopening shortly thereafter, providing some relief to local commuters.
  • Stony Plain Road Bridge: The Stony Plain Road Bridge remains on track to be opened by fall 2024, a significant milestone in the project.

The Valley Line West LRT construction project on Stony Plain Road has faced its share of challenges, from unanticipated activities and resource limitations to adverse weather conditions. Marigold Infrastructure Partners acknowledges the inconvenience caused by the delay in reopening this stretch of road and appreciates the patience of residents and commuters.

Marigold is dedicated to delivering a reliable and efficient LRT system that will benefit the entire community. By working diligently to address the challenges we face, the project continues to progress, bringing Edmonton closer to an enhanced public transportation network. We thank you for your understanding and continued support as we work towards an expanded transportation network for the city.

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