Here’s your direct route to staying informed during LRT construction

When to Contact the City of Edmonton

Careful consideration went into the planning of the Valley Line West. But it’s only one part of a larger vision. The City of Edmonton handles feedback regarding:

  • Project history and decisions
  • Route selection
  • City Council decisions about the line
  • The City’s vision for LRT 

When to contact Marigold Infrastructure Partners

Early works of the Valley Line West is now underway — find out more about what’s scheduled to happen in your area. Marigold Infrastructure Partners handles feedback regarding:

  • Construction impacts and timelines
  • Stops and station locations
  • Opportunities for employment, sub-contractors and suppliers

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Loss, Damage or Injury Form

Marigold Infrastructure Partners will make efforts to minimize construction impacts on nearby properties and communities. Marigold takes all nearby buildings and structures into consideration when designing and constructing the new LRT infrastructure and seeks to minimize impacts on any nearby property. In the event that Marigold’s construction activities causes loss, injury or damage to property, Marigold has a process in place for dealing with such situations. If you have suffered loss, injury or damage to yourself, your dependants or damage to your property as a direct result of MIP’s construction activities, please complete the Incident Information Form.