Marigold Infrastructure Partners is building the Valley Line West LRT and remains committed to maintaining gender equality on the project. August 26, 2023, marks Women’s Equality Day, and Marigold interviewed women in various roles on the project to recognize their efforts.

Despite lingering gender biases within the construction field, these dedicated women are focused on showcasing that skill has no gender limits. Their exceptional work confirms that individuals can excel, regardless of any gender distinctions.

“For the past 10 years, I have worked in male-dominated industries…I find all the women working to earn their seat at the table inspirational,” shares Nicole Shaposhnikov, Environmental Monitor with Marigold.

Here are some of the outstanding women working on the Marigold team:

Nicole Shaposhnikov, Environmental Monitor

Nicole Shaposhnikov, Environmental Monitor

Nicole is a passionate employee on the environmental team, dedicated to ensuring that construction activities comply with all environmental requirements in the project agreement. She collaborates closely with the facilities, elevated guideways, civil, utilities, and common services teams at Marigold.

Gender equality, to Nicole, means providing equal opportunities for all individuals. To stay motivated, Nicole tries to “stay focused on the positive, knowing that even small actions have the potential to make a big impact.” Her adaptability and teamwork help her find creative solutions to complex problems, ensuring smooth project operation.

Anne-Catherine Tarwe, Project Controls Manager

Anne-Catherine Tarwe, Project Controls Manager

“I don’t tend to claim gender equality because the less we focus on gender, the better in my opinion,” says Anne-Catherine Tarwe. As a Project Controls Manager, Anne-Catherine oversees cost controls, manages risks, coordinates schedules, and tracks progress in the project.

As a woman in engineering school and in the construction industry, Anne-Catherine has encountered environments with little female representation. “I believe societies carry certain biases that are difficult to overcome…and individual examples can be a good reminder not to set limits to ourselves.” To keep herself motivated, she finds fulfillment in being part of a project team, working towards a common goal. Her problem-solving approach of seeking to understand before seeking solutions contributes to her success in the role.

Fatemeh Fallahi Arezodar, Technical Discipline Lead

Fatemeh Fallahi Arezodar

“I had the privilege of working closely with a remarkable manager who was a highly professional woman with a strong personality. Her leadership style and ability to tackle challenges head-on was truly inspiring” shares Fatemeh Fallahi Arezodar. Working as the technical discipline lead for stops and Utility Complexes, Fatemeh plays a big role in resolving issues within the construction and design teams.

“Communication is the backbone of any successful team and project. Whether it’s conveying project objectives, providing feedback, or resolving issues, strong communication skills foster a collaborative and productive work environment.”

To Fatemeh, gender equality means creating an inclusive environment where all employees have equal access to opportunities and resources, regardless of gender. It’s about treating everyone fairly and with respect, free from any form of discrimination or bias.

Yanqing Shao, Co-Op Student – Civil Engineering

Yanqing Shao, Co-Op Student - Civil Engineering

Working on the structure’s construction team, Yanqing collaborates with various teams, such as structures, quality, survey, safety, environment, Engineering Services and Document Control, to ensure the project progress runs smoothly and efficiently. This requires working with a variety of individuals and personalities to create a trouble-free work environment.

Yanqing shares that “gender equality means all individuals have equal opportunities, rights, and respect, regardless of their gender.” As a woman in a male-dominated workplace, she values the support and understanding of her female colleagues whose presence and resilience have made a positive impact on her journey. Yanqing’s organizational, communication, problem-solving, and time-management skills contribute to her role with Marigold.

She is continuously interested in learning about innovative construction methods and technologies and staying up to date with new advancements in the industry. In the next few years, she is focused on obtaining her Professional Engineer license and exploring her passion in the engineering field.

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, Marigold proudly shines a spotlight on the remarkable women contributing to the progress of the Valley Line West LRT project. Their stories highlight the importance of embracing diversity and creating a more inclusive work environment. Through their determination and commitment to their work, these women, along with countless other women, inspire us to continue breaking barriers and working toward a future of equality and opportunity.

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