At Marigold Infrastructure Partners, our commitment extends far beyond simply laying down tracks for the 14-km Valley Line West LRT in Edmonton. Our dedicated Common Services team stands as the backbone of our construction endeavours, playing a pivotal role in site maintenance, traffic management, implementing safety protocols, and overall site upkeep. Serving as facilitators and troubleshooters, their duties fluctuate daily, yet their impact remains constant, ensuring smoother operations and minimizing disruptions throughout the construction process. Without their invaluable involvement, our projects would undoubtedly face greater challenges and disruptions.

Meeting Peak Construction Demands

As the summer months usher in peak construction activity, Marigold’s Common Services team sees a significant expansion, swelling its ranks to around 40 members. Under the guidance of two adept supervisors overseeing traffic management and safety protocols, alongside another general supervisor dedicated to maintenance and environmental concerns, the team shoulders a broad spectrum of responsibilities.

Traffic Flow Facilitating

Ensuring smooth traffic flow around construction sites is a top priority for Marigold Infrastructure Partners, especially given the bustling activity typical of our work areas. Safety remains paramount for all stakeholders, including drivers, workers, pedestrians, and cyclists in the vicinity.

The Marigold traffic team shoulders significant responsibilities in managing traffic dynamics, from mapping out detours to precisely planning around construction sites. This includes the intricate task of securing permits for lane closures, adding complexity to their role.

However, their efforts are greatly bolstered by the collaboration of our Common Services team, who serve as invaluable allies in ensuring seamless traffic operations. The Common Services team undertakes a myriad of tasks crucial for maintaining traffic flow, from painting lines on roads to patching potholes and strategically placing jersey barriers.

Their contributions extend further to building and installing essential wayfinding signage, enhancing pedestrian safety with meticulously placed detour maps, and maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of all traffic control equipment. Through their dedication and attention to detail, the Common Services team plays a pivotal role in minimizing disruptions and ensuring the safe and efficient movement of traffic around Marigold construction sites.


Essential Prioritization of Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of Marigold Infrastructure Partners’ construction endeavors, especially in proximity to residential areas, schools, and prominent public spaces like West Edmonton Mall or Misericordia Community Hospital.

The safety team at Marigold approaches their responsibility with unwavering dedication, fully cognizant of the dynamic nature of construction. In their relentless pursuit of ensuring safety, they find a steadfast ally in our Common Services team.

Together, they undertake a myriad of essential tasks crucial for maintaining a safe environment. These tasks range from fencing off construction zones to protect both vehicle traffic and pedestrians to establishing laydown yards for temporary crew trailers. Additionally, they construct temporary sidewalks, be it wooden or asphalt, to facilitate safe pedestrian passage.

Their efforts extend further to installing scrim mesh hoarding around sites, not only to prevent debris but also to enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings. Through their collaborative efforts, the safety and Common Services teams ensure a safe working environment and uphold the highest standards of safety across Marigold’s construction sites.


Diverse Responsibilities

In addition to their multifaceted responsibilities, Marigold Infrastructure Partners’ Common Services team undertakes a diverse array of tasks vital for the smooth functioning of our projects. This includes crucial environmental support measures such as installing silt fencing and erosion control socks, working closely with our dedicated environmental team. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in snow removal across all Marigold-occupied areas, ensuring safety and accessibility throughout the winter months. Their responsibilities extend to vandalism damage control and maintaining overall cleanliness and orderliness across our sites, enhancing both efficiency and aesthetics. Furthermore, they offer invaluable support to our rail subcontractors by providing labour for offloading materials as needed, showcasing their versatility and unwavering commitment to project success.

The unsung heroes of construction, Marigold’s Common Services team, play an indispensable role in bringing our projects to fruition. Their tireless dedication, versatility, and unwavering commitment ensure that every aspect of our construction endeavours runs smoothly, from traffic management and safety protocols to environmental support and general upkeep. As we reflect on the intricate web of responsibilities shouldered by this remarkable team, it becomes evident that their contributions are the bedrock upon which our success is built. At Marigold Infrastructure Partners, we are immensely grateful for their steadfast efforts, knowing that without them, our projects would undoubtedly face greater challenges and disruptions. Together, let us celebrate and honour the invaluable contributions of these remarkable individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes, shaping the landscape of our communities for generations to come.