Marigold Infrastructure Partners is a design-build joint venture agreement between Colas and Parsons. We assembled a high-performance team blending local expertise with proven international experience to work with the City of Edmonton to design and construct the Valley Line West LRT project. We take pride in our work and are proud to have been chosen to build this important transit line for Edmonton.

Marigold Infrastructure Partners is a design-build joint venture specifically set up for the Valley Line West LRT project. This is a normal approach for a major construction project where you need different skills to deliver all the work. The two main partners are Parsons and Colas.   

  • Parsons Canada has been involved in some of the largest rail and transport projects in Canada and around the world, including Eglinton Crosstown LRT, GO Expansion, Reseau Express Metropolitan, SW Calgary Ring Road, Ottawa stage 2 LRT, Finch West LRT, Broadway Subway Extension, and Yellowhead Trail.
  • Colas (Standard General served Edmonton since 1969, NPA Ltd/ E Construction founded in Edmonton in 1954) – has done a large amount of work in Edmonton including long-term neighbourhood renewals in Westmount, Queen Alexandria and McKernan; 127 Street rehabilitation, Anthony Henday Ring Road and Alberta Transportation projects.  

The second stage of Valley Line LRT, from Downtown to Lewis Farms, will have 14 at-grade stops and two elevated stations located at West Edmonton Mall and Misericordia Hospital.

Throughout construction, we aim to be good community partners and neighbours. Any questions or concerns related to the Valley Line West LRT can be directed to:

Marigold Infrastructure Partners (for construction inquiries):


Call: 780-412-2183


City of Edmonton (for general project inquiries):



Call: LRT Projects Information Centre at 780-496-4874 (voicemail)  


We take all inquiries seriously. Marigold Infrastructure Partners is committed to responding to public inquiries as soon as possible and will aim to respond within two business days.

Marigold can be reached 24 hours a day on our public inquiry line at 780-412-2183. 

In case of an emergency, call 911.  

Marigold Infrastructure Partners is committed to informing the public of upcoming construction works. We encourage you to subscribe to our e-Newsletter or follow our social media channels.

Inquiries regarding property value can be directed to the City of Edmonton’s LRT Projects Department.


Call: LRT Projects Information Centre at 780-496-4874 (voicemail)   


We will make every effort to ensure that, throughout construction, the impact on your business is minimized. We will work hard to ensure that people can access your business and we are working with the City to help provide any support we can to make sure the community knows you remain open. Marigold recognizes the effects that construction has on businesses located along the future route of the Valley Line West LRT and have created a Construction Tool Kit

with various resources and information to help businesses along the alignment adjust to construction impacts.


Specific inquiries on remediation or compensation can be directed to the City of Edmonton’s LRT Projects Department.


Call: LRT Projects Information Centre at 780-496-4874 (voicemail)   

Construction of the Valley Line West LRT will primarily occur during the day (7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday), however, occasionally overnight work may be necessary. The public will be notified in advance of this work via construction notices posted to our website and social media channels. In these incidences, every effort will be made to reduce the impact to the public, such as scheduling more disruptive work to occur during daytime hours, where possible. If you have any concerns about noise or vibration, please contact us.  

Lane closures and traffic disruptions can be frustrating. Before construction can begin near roadways, a Traffic Accommodation Plan is implemented in order to keep the public and our crews safe. This could include setting up barricades and pylons or line painting to change a traffic configuration. Once these safety measures are in place, the work can start.

In the event that work is unable to start in an area as scheduled, several factors are considered when deciding whether to change the traffic configuration. Such as:

  • Volume of traffic in an area
  • When will the work be able to start/resume
  • Consistency vs. confusion for motorists/pedestrians
  • Cost of changing a traffic pattern

Access to health facilities and emergency services is a fundamental focus of our planning and work. We are working with the Misericordia Hospital and other facilities along the route to ensure they have full access during construction.  

Noise, vibration, and dust are unavoidable by-products of construction. Marigold has detailed plans on how to monitor and mitigate these disturbances.

Read more about Marigold’s Noise, Vibration, and Dust Mitigation here.

Safety is our number one priority. Please be cautious around any worksites and follow project wayfinding signage. We aim to do all we can to make sure that temporary measures for traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and individuals with mobility issues are front of mind when we manage detours around our work sites and in the surrounding areas.

We avoid removing trees, but in some cases it is unavoidable. We are working with the City of Edmonton to ensure that as part of our final design, we plant trees and shrubs to offset the vegetation lost. Read more about Marigold’s Tree Policy here

We are liaising closely with ETS to notify them of any work that could impact local services. Please visit for all ETS changes and updates.

We are asking businesses interested in becoming involved on the project to complete a Vendor Application. Once submitted, this will be sent directly to our Procurement Team for their review.

To apply for a position related to the Valley Line West LRT project, we encourage you to copy and paste the following search terms into your search engine: Jobs with the Edmonton Valley Line West LRT.  

A complete list of companies working on the project can be found on our website.