As winter weather rolls into Edmonton, Marigold Infrastructure Partners remains committed to making progress on the Valley Line West LRT project. Despite the challenges posed by snow and cold temperatures during winter, the construction crews will continue to make strides in various areas along the route.


In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the ongoing winter works, highlighting key developments in different construction zones. Check out the construction zone maps on our website.

What We Will be Working On

Shorter days and colder temperatures during the winter months limit the construction activities that our construction crews can safely perform.

Modifications like adding additional site lighting with light plants and generators, along with heating and hoarding can be used to allow crews to continue with some scopes such as: drainage work, pouring and curing concrete, and installing bridge girders.

Area 1: 102 Avenue & 102-107 Street

In the new year, crews will begin drainage work on 107 Street between 102 Avenue and 104 Avenue. While this work is taking place, there will be impacts to vehicle traffic and detours set up for pedestrians.

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Area 2: 104 Avenue & 107-121 Street

Drainage work continues along 104 Avenue between 107 Street and 121 Street. Some access along the north and south sides of the street may be impacted during this work, however Marigold is committed to ensuring that access to essential locations like the Edmonton Brewery District, Unity Square Centre, and MacEwan University will be maintained. Pedestrian access remains open, although detours may be in place. Marigold is committed to careful planning to minimize inconvenience for the public.

104 Avenue between 107 Street and 109 Street
104 Avenue between 107 Street and 109 Street
      • Between 107 Street and 109 Street, work will continue on the north side of 104 Avenue until mid-December. This will be followed by the work zone moving to the middle of 104 Avenue, and then to the south side of the road. This work is anticipated to complete by the end of January.
      • For more information, read the supplemental construction notice.
104 Avenue between 110 Street and 122 Street
Area 3: 104 Avenue/Stony Plain Road & 121-139 Street

Along Stony Plain Road, drainage work will continue between 123 Street and 129 Street until spring 2024. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane in either direction, and intermittent access closures to/from the north side of Stony Plain Road will also be in place.  Please note that access to/from 129 Street will be closed for the duration of the work, additional accesses will be closed one at a time.

Stony Plain Road bridge construction, a critical component of the project, progresses with an anticipated fall 2024 opening. The recent opening of Stony Plain Road between 131 Street and 139 Street will help local residents move through their neighbourhood over the winter months. Traffic in the area has been permanently reduced to a single lane in either direction, and most adjacent streets will be right in/right out only. East/west pedestrian access will be maintained on the south side of the road, at this time.

Area 4: Stony Plain Road & 139-156 Street / 156 Street & Stony Plain Road – 99 Avenue

Along the south side of Stony Plain Road between 142 Street and 156 Street crews are continuing with ongoing drainage work, leading to traffic being shifted north and permanently reduced to a single lane in either direction. For the winter period, a second eastbound lane on 102 Avenue, east of 142 Street, has been opened. The northbound to eastbound right turn bay on 142 Street has also been re-opened.

Notably, the northbound to eastbound right turn bay has reopened on Stony Plain Road/102 Avenue and at 149 Street, providing relief to commuters in these sections.

Area 5: 156 Street & 99 Ave-Meadowlark Road / Meadowlark Road – 98 Ave & 163 Street

Drainage work continues on the west side of 156 Street/Meadowlark Road throughout the winter, necessitating a shift in traffic to the east side between 100 Avenue – 88A Avenue on 156 Street/Meadowlark Road. While access to 156 Street/Meadowlark Road from adjacent avenues will be maintained, intermittent closures may be required, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when these closures will take place.

Overhead Catenary System Pile (OCS) Construction at 159 Street and 87 Avenue is set to begin this winter. The OCS supplies electricity to the light rail vehicles. Crews are expected to begin drilling the piles for the OCS poles this winter. More details will be available in the coming months.

Area 6: 87 Avenue & 163 Street - Anthony Henday Drive

The Gantry crane, essential for constructing the elevated guideway, has been winterized, with operations set to resume in the spring. Crews will continue to construct the piers and approaches for the elevated guideway along 87 Avenue in the winter months. Lane reductions and detours are in place, please travel through this area with caution.

Area 7: Anthony Henday Drive

The girders for the new LRT Bridge over Anthony Henday Drive will be installed this winter. In preparation for this work motorists should expect some off-peak speed and lane reductions in December. Girder installation is expected in mid-January, during the overnight hours. Lane reductions, detours and speed reductions should be expected during this work. The installation of the new LRT bridge over Anthony Henday Drive will mark a significant step forward in the project’s development. Read the notice here.

Area 8: 87 Avenue /Webber Greens Drive & Anthony Henday Drive – Lewis Farm Transit Centre

Work progresses on the construction of the Light Maintenance Facility and the Lewis Farms Stop, key components of the Valley Line West LRT infrastructure.

Area 9: Gerry Wright Operations & Maintenance Facility-OMF / 75 Street & Whitemud Drive

Construction continues on the Operations & Maintenance Facility building, a vital element supporting the overall functionality of the Valley Line West LRT.


As we navigate the winter months, Edmontonians can witness the continuous evolution of the Valley Line West LRT project. Marigold Infrastructure Partners’ dedication to progress, despite the seasonal challenges, ensures that the city is on track to experience the benefits of an enhanced public transportation system.


The anticipated completion of various construction phases will undoubtedly contribute to Edmonton’s economic recovery, marking a significant milestone in the city’s infrastructure development. We extend our appreciation to the public for their patience and understanding, recognizing that the eventual rewards will transform Edmonton’s transportation landscape for the better.