Marigold Edmonton 105 106 St Stop Final Rev1 render
Alex Decoteau Stop rendering

Area 1

  • 102 Ave & 102 – 107 St

  • 107 St & 102 Ave – 104 Ave

Images courtesy of the Valley Line West LRT Design Guide Version 4 published September 2020.

Scope of Work

Works Planned for 2022:

  • Temporary street lighting will be installed to meet required city standards.
  • Preliminary utility relocation work will continue in 2022
  • Tree removals will occur along the alignment between 138 St & 102 St
    Read more about Marigold’s Tree Policy here.

What you can expect

  • This is where the Valley Line Southeast and Valley Line West will connect. 

LRT Stops & Stations

  • The Alex Decoteau Stop, named after Canada’s first Indigenous Police Officer who joined the Edmonton Police Service in 1909, will be located at 105 St & 102 Ave.
  • NorQuest Stop will be located at 107 St & 103 Ave.

Our Commitment to Safety

  • To help ensure public safety, excavations open and accessible to the public will be fenced or supervised. Please be aware of hazards and avoid excavation sites.
Marigold Edmonton 87 Ave Guideway Final Rev1 render

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