Trees Streetscape


Marigold Infrastructure Partners approaches Valley Line West construction with a commitment to the community. To design and build the 14 km Valley Line West Light Rail Transit (LRT), some trees need to be removed from City property, including boulevards in front of residences or open spaces. These removals will begin fall 2021.

Marigold recognizes and appreciates that Edmontonians care deeply about the city’s urban canopy. It contributes to the character of Edmonton and helps the city achieve goals related to biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Marigold is committed to the City of Edmonton Corporate Tree Management Policy. Vegetation that is temporarily or permanently lost due to LRT construction will be relocated or replaced. Marigold will replant more than 1,800 new trees guided by full landscaping plans. These plans will incorporate native trees and shrubs and will commence following construction.


Tree removals will occur during daytime hours (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.). Crews will make every effort to work on the boulevards adjacent to the trees, however, parking and traffic interruptions may occur. Pedestrian traffic may be detoured while the work occurs. Marigold is aware of the residences in the area and will reduce disturbances as best as possible.

The following is taken into consideration whether it is necessary to remove trees:

  • If the tree’s roots could damage infrastructure along the alignment.
  • If the location of the trees affects the operation of the train or will be in the way of a noise attenuation wall or shared use path.
  • If the trees will interfere with utility lines.
  • If the tree is too large to survive relocation.
  • If cutting near the roots is enough to cause it to fail.

With respect to tree removal:

  • There will be a full landscaping plan that will see plantings of ~1800 new native trees and shrubs to areas along the alignment.
  • Each tree affected has been assessed and recorded by the City and Marigold.
  • Under the City of Edmonton policy, Marigold will be compensating the City for each tree being removed.
  • Tree removal will occur outside of the bird nesting season, to not disrupt nesting migratory birds.

Marigold has enlisted professional arborists and landscapers to help make determinations on the factors listed above. Having these experts on our team ensures that any impacts on vegetation along the alignment as a result of the construction process can be effectively mitigated and remediated once the project is complete.

Private Property Owners

Should you own a residence or manage a property along or near the Valley Line West LRT alignment, there may be trees and/or vegetation that is anticipated to interfere with construction. Our professional arborist assesses the tree(s) on the property and determines the extent of root damage and impacts on the health of the tree(s) that may occur due to construction activities. Any damage caused to tree roots can also greatly affect safety as there is a risk of the tree falling over.

  • STEP 1: Pruning overhanging tree branches and/or removal of tree(s) if roots are in conflict with excavation
  • STEP 2: Removing tree stump(s) and roots from property.
  • STEP 3: Remediation including relplacing removed tree(s) with another tree and/or vegetation. Our professional landscaper can make recommendations suitable for the premises. This work will commence when construction is completed.

The following links provide more information on trees and the Valley Line West LRT:
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Tree Streetscape 1

Example Landscaping Plans *subject to change

Landscaping Plans
Landscaping Plans2
Landscaping Plans3

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