Marigold Infrastructure Partners approaches the construction of the Valley Line West with great care and consideration for nearby residents and businesses as we mitigate dust caused by construction activities. Marigold is committed to minimizing its impacts on the public during the construction of the Valley Line West LRT and developed a Dust Control Plan to guide and reference for the Project.


The objectives of the Dust Control Plan are to:

  • Comply with the dust control requirements outlined in the Project Agreement,
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and other environmental obligations,
  • Apply reasonable and practicable measures to reduce and control dust emissions from construction activities,
  • Monitor dust emissions and undertake actions to minimize offsite effects, and
  • Minimize the impacts of nuisance dust on the public.


Many factors on a construction site can contribute to dust emissions such as the condition of the site, weather conditions, and moisture. Some of the steps Marigold takes to mitigate dust emissions on our sites include:

  • Minimizing the amount of disturbed soil or surface area that is exposed to wind or vehicular traffic at any one time,
  • Reducing vehicle speeds to mitigate offsite transport of dust entrained by vehicles,
  • Minimizing the distance and speed from which drivers and operators must unload truck beds, loaders, or excavator buckets,
  • Temporarily halting work activities during high wind events,
  • Covering exposed materials during periods of inactivity or when weather conditions would result in dust emissions,
  • Applying dechlorinated water to disturbed soil surfaces, backfill materials, screenings, and other dust-generating operations as necessary and appropriate considering current weather conditions,
  • Daily monitoring of site conditions and dust emissions.

Public Commitment:

Marigold is committed to minimizing the impacts of dust on residents along the alignment during construction, especially in residential areas.

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