Stony Plain Road will be closed between 131 Street and 139 Street from April 24, 2023, to November 2023, as Marigold carries out construction for the Valley Line West LRT. The full road closure allows Marigold crews to work efficiently and reduce overall construction time in the area.

What To Expect During the Closure

With construction comes many questions. Watch the video above to learn more about why Marigold is closing Stony Plain Road, what residents, business owners, and motorists can expect during construction, and other important information.

During the closure, Marigold crews will be working on drainage and utilities configuration, road construction, track construction, widening and paving new sidewalks, installing temporary lights and traffic signals, and more. Preliminary construction of the Glenora stop is also planned.

Duration of Construction

Construction on Stony Plain Road will occur during daytime hours (7a.m. – 9p.m., Monday – Saturday, and 9a.m. – 7p.m., Sunday). However, occasional overnight work may be necessary, and the public will be notified in advance of this work.

To carry out this work, the following access & detours will be in place:

  • Limited north/south vehicle access across Stony Plain Road will be maintained. Intersection closures can be expected as work progresses. Please follow project wayfinding signage.
  • East/west pedestrian traffic on Stony Plain Road will be closed. North/south pedestrian access across Stony Plain Road will be maintained at 132 Street, 134 Street, 136 Street, and 138 Street. Please follow project wayfinding signage.
  • There will be an increase in construction traffic in the area. If locations cannot be reached directly from a truck route, Marigold crews will take the most direct and practical road off the nearest truck route.

Click here to read the construction notice for the major closure of Stony Plain Road on our website.

This road closure is expected to last until November 2023.

Traffic and Pedestrian Detours

During the Stony Plain Road closure, a few detours are set in place to ensure public safety.

All vehicle traffic will be redirected to either 102 Avenue or 107 Avenue, as Stony Plain Road will be closed between 129 Street to 139 Street to all east/west traffic. There will be limited north/south access across Stony Plain Road. Please follow all project wayfinding signage to locate the nearest detour.

All east/west pedestrian routes on Stony Plain Road between 131 Street and 139 Street will be closed. Pedestrians will be able to cross north/south on Stony Plain Road at 132 Street, 134 Street, 136 Street, and 138 Street. Please follow all project wayfinding signage to locate the nearest pedestrian detour.

What You Can Expect After

Once construction is complete, Stony Plain Road will feature one lane of vehicle traffic in either direction, the Valley Line West LRT tracks, and sidewalks for pedestrians on the east and west side of Stony Plain Road.

Above is a peek at what the future Glenora stop will look like upon completion, featuring the low-floor, community-integrated transit system connecting downtown Edmonton to Lewis Farms.

Impacts on Public

Construction will mostly take place during daytime hours, although some overnight work may be necessary. As heavy equipment will be in use during construction, noise and vibration can be expected; however, Marigold will make every effort to reduce impacts on the public. Read more about Marigold’s noise and vibration mitigation measures.

Learn More About the Stony Plain Road Closure Construction

Marigold and the City of Edmonton are hosting an information session about the closure on May 2, 2023, from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm at the Glenora Community League. Residents of the nearby communities are encouraged to attend to learn more about the project, get resources, ask questions, and more! To submit your questions in advance of the info session click on this link.

For more information and for the latest construction updates, visit our website and sign up for the newsletter.