Stony Plain Road / 124 St Stop Rendering
Stony Plain Road / Groat Road Bridge Rendering
Stony Plain Road / Groat Road Bridge Rendering
Glenora Stop Rendering
Glenora Stop Rendering

Area 3

  • 104 Ave/Stony Plain Road & 121 – 139 St
Images courtesy of the Valley Line West LRT Design Guide Version 4 published September 2020.

Scope of Work

Works Planned for 2023:

  • Third party utility relocations continued from last year
  • Drainage work along Stony Plain Road between 123 Street to 129 Street.
  • Drainage and roadworks along Stony Plain Road between 131 Street to 139 Street.
  • Roadways:
    • Preparatory work along Stony Plain Road
    • Roadworks and lane closures through summer/fall
  • Signal lights:
    • Occasional adjustments to intersections and signal lights
  • Reconstruction of Stony Plain Road Bridge
    • Temporary closure of Groat Road and Shared Use Path for Stony Plain Road Bridge install
    • Closure of east/west traffic on Stony Plain Road between 139 St and bridge
  • Tree removals will occur along the alignment between 138 St & 102 St
    Read more about Marigold’s Tree Policy here.

What you can expect

  • Business access and parking restrictions
  • Temporary lane closures
  • General access closures
  • Minimal tree removals until March 31, 2023. Resume after August to avoid bird nesting season from April – July

Stony Plain Road & 131-139 St

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why has the reopening of Stony Plain Road been delayed?

The reopening of Stony Plain Road has been delayed due to several factors:

A: Unanticipated Activities

Early in the construction season, we discovered existing infrastructure that needed upgrading to ensure long-term reliability. Consultation with third-party utilities led to the decision to upgrade this infrastructure to prevent future repairs by those third-party utility agents. Additionally, we needed to remove more than originally expected.    

B: Resourcing

Limited resources have posed challenges for us, as well as for other contractors in Edmonton. We are making efforts to complete the work this year by bringing in extra resources, but a skilled labour shortage is affecting our progress and the progress of other companies.

C: Weather

Unusually wet weather conditions in 2023 have made it challenging for large vehicles to access the construction site. These vehicles are essential for work related to both dry utilities and concrete work, which must be completed before roadworks can begin.

What can I expect during and after construction?

  • To complete the remaining permanent works, there will be short-term lane restrictions in areas with temporary asphalt next season.
  • Stony Plain Road will be permanently reduced to a single lane in either direction to accommodate the ongoing construction and associated infrastructure.
  • We anticipate the intersection of 134 Street and Stony Plain Road to reopen in early October, with the intersection of 132 Street and Stony Plain Road reopening shortly thereafter, providing relief to local commuters.
  • The Stony Plain Road Bridge remains on track to be opened by fall 2024, marking a significant milestone in the project.

Will there be any disruptions to traffic during the construction period?

Yes, there may be disruptions to traffic during construction.

  • Short-term lane restrictions in areas with temporary asphalt are expected during the next construction season.
  • Stony Plain Road will also be permanently reduced to a single lane in either direction. Please plan your commute accordingly and follow posted detours and traffic guidance.
  • There will be noise associated with this work such as that of heavy equipment and increased construction vehicle traffic in the area. Every effort will be made to reduce the impact to the public.
  • Construction on Stony Plain Road will primarily occur during daytime hours; however, some overnight work may be necessary.
  • This road closure is expected to last until the end of November; however, construction will be ongoing until completion.

Will pedestrian access be available?

  • East/west pedestrian access on Stony Plain Road between 131 Street and 139 Street will be closed until the end of November.
  • North/south pedestrian access will be maintained at 132 Street, 134 Street, 136 Street, and 138 Street. Please follow project wayfinding signage.

How can I stay updated on construction progress and any changes?

We encourage you to stay informed about construction progress and updates through our official channels. These may include our website, newsletter, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. We are committed to providing timely information to keep the community informed throughout the construction process.

If you have any more questions or require specific information, please feel free to contact us through our website or customer service channels. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the construction delays and appreciate your understanding.

School Safety Presentation

Click on the link to view our School Safety Presentation.

School safety presentation

LRT Stops & Stations

  • 124 St Stop at 124 St & Stony Plain Rd
  • Glenora Stop at 132 St & Stony Plain Rd

Our Commitment to Safety

  • To help ensure public safety, excavations open and accessible to the public will be fenced or supervised. Please be aware of hazards and avoid excavation sites

Marigold Edmonton 87 Ave Guideway Final Rev1 render

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