Glenwood Sherwood Stop Rendering
Glenwood Sherwood Stop Rendering
Meadowlark Stop Rendering

Area 5

  • 156 St & 99 Ave – Meadowlark Rd
  • Meadowlark Rd – 87 Ave & 163 St
Images courtesy of the Valley Line West LRT Design Guide Version 4 published September 2020.

Scope of Work

Works Planned for 2023:

  • Drainage: continue throughout 2023
  • Preparatory work for Meadowlark & Glenwood/Sherwood Stops
  • Roadways: continue throughout 2023
  • 156 St/94 Ave Utility Complex
  • 89 Ave/Meadowlark Road Utility Complex

What you can expect

  • Increased traffic and construction noise
  • There may be temporary lane closures and/or reduced accessibility to roads, pathways and driveways
  • Service Road closures and parking restrictions
  • Temporary access restrictions to properties from the street
  • Removal of sidewalks
  • Encroachment onto properties during sewer service reconnections
  • Removal on driveways, shrubs and trees as necessary to accommodate construction. Properties will be restored to equal or better condition than prior to construction
  • Temporary short-term service disruptions to sewer systems during connections
  • This work will be completed by Marigold Infrastructure Partners and subcontracted crews

LRT Stops & Stations

  • Glenwood/Sherwood Stop at 95 Ave & 156 St
  • Meadowlark Stop at 88A Ave & Meadowlark Rd

Other Considerations

  • Access changes to Meadowlark Shopping Centre and Trinity United Church

Our Commitment to Safety

  • To help ensure public safety, excavations open and accessible to the public will be fenced or supervised. Please be aware of hazards and avoid excavation sites.
Marigold Edmonton 87 Ave Guideway Final Rev1 render

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