During the construction of the Valley Line West, Marigold is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of roadways and pedestrian walkways adjacent to our work sites. This includes plowing snow during the winter, clearing mud and dirt with a street sweeper as necessary, and filling potholes on a regular basis.

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Toward the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the variance in temperature creates a freeze/thaw scenario which increases the number of potholes in Edmonton significantly.

Regardless of the weather, Marigold evaluates road conditions adjacent to our work sites daily, noting any hazards that need fixing.

Several factors can affect our ability to repair potholes in a timely fashion. Aside from the freeze/thaw cycle, the following items may impact our response time:

Availability of “hot mix” asphalt

This mixture of asphalt adheres to the road better, making for longer-lasting repairs to road deficiencies. In general, “hot mix” asphalt is not readily available until the spring season as only one asphalt plant in Edmonton is open and operating year-round. As the other plants resume operations in the spring, this product becomes easier to procure.

Prioritization of repairs

The order in which we repair potholes is based on the severity of the pothole and the volume of traffic on the road in question. To prevent any significant impact on traffic, larger or more disruptive potholes are repaired first.

Volume of traffic at repair location

To repair potholes properly, it is often necessary to temporarily close a lane of traffic. In areas of high traffic, where possible, repairs are scheduled for off-peak hours to limit the impact. We will continue to monitor roadways daily and make adjustments, as necessary, to minimize any impacts to motorists and to keep the residents of Edmonton safe during Valley Line West construction.

Public Commitment:

Marigold is committed to minimizing disruptions along the alignment during construction, especially in residential areas.

If you have any concerns, please call 780-412-2183 or email us at public@marigoldinfra.ca.