During the construction of the Valley Line West, Marigold is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of roadways and pedestrian walkways adjacent to our work sites. This includes the maintenance of roadway markings.snowy winter bike lane markings road

Several factors may contribute to the deterioration of roadway markings. The use of gravel/salt mix on icy roads, snow removal equipment, and street sweepers can all wear down lane markings. The need to shift traffic around road construction can also require the removal and repainting of traffic lane markings.

Marigold evaluates road conditions adjacent to our work sites daily, noting any hazards that need fixing. Several factors can affect our ability to repair lane markings in a timely fashion.

Weather Conditions

Road markings are best applied to dry pavement. Any rainfall, snow, or ice impact when road markings can be painted.

Prioritization of repairs

The order in which we repair lane markings is based on the severity of the deterioration and the volume of traffic on the road in question. To prevent any significant impact on traffic, lane markings in heavy traffic flow areas are repaired first.

Volume of traffic at repair location

To repaint lane markings properly, it is often necessary to temporarily close a lane of traffic. In areas of high traffic, where possible, repairs are scheduled for off-peak hours to limit the impact. We will continue to monitor roadways daily and make adjustments, as necessary, to minimize any impacts to motorists and to keep the residents of Edmonton safe during Valley Line West construction.

Public Commitment

Marigold is committed to minimizing disruptions along the alignment during construction, especially in residential areas.


If you have any concerns, please call 780-412-2183 or email us at public@marigoldinfra.ca.